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Why are more and more places using epoxy colored sand floor?

Date:2019-07-23 Browse:944

When we walk in many places, we may encounter some beautiful ground, which is often the epoxy colored sand floor, such as common underground garage is often used it, and the scope of use is more and more wide, some squares are now also beginning to lay such ground.What led so many places to use colored epoxy sand floors?

The main material of epoxy colored sand floor is colored quartz sand. This floor is a new type of decorative floor, and there can be a combination of various colors. In this way, you can have a variety of patterns, so the beauty is quite high.Let's talk about what kind of advantages this kind of floor has.

One, beautiful.Before the floor is mainly green, but now it is not the case, the color can be deployed, no matter how bright color can be used in the epoxy floor, because of the color, there can be a lot of patterns, more beautiful.

Two, seamless.If there is seam on the ground, it will be more trouble to clean it, and the epoxy colored sand floor is seamless, so it is easier to clean.

Third, wear resistance, acid and alkali and bacteria inhibition.Epoxy colored sand floor also has the functions of wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance and bacteria inhibition. The maintenance cost of such a floor in the later period is relatively low.

Four, high security.This kind of floor also has a major feature, that is, the flatness is higher, but at the same time, it also has a certain roughness. Such a thing has strong friction force, so walking in such a place is relatively safe.

Because the epoxy colored sand floor has so many characteristics, people also see its excellent characteristics, of course, it will be applied in a variety of different suitable places.So you can consider this material if you need it.