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The floor paint is of a thin coating and epoxy self-leveling structure

Date:2021-04-22 Browse:341

The decorative aesthetic feeling of floor coating usually depends on the smoothness of the floor surface, surface smoothness and the performance after brushing, the choice of appropriate construction technology can also improve the coating effect.Thin coating and epoxy self-leveling construction technology are the two most commonly used construction technology in floor coating.

Compared with the thin coating construction method, the cost is low, more suitable workshop, epoxy self-leveling construction method requires high ground flatness, the construction effect is better, can achieve the surface mirror beautiful effect.

Epoxy self-leveling

Before construction, it is necessary to properly deal with potholes, oil, adhesion and other ground, timely repair, and then carry out the corresponding construction on the ground after treatment.Before the construction, we should also do a good job in the preliminary budget work of the building area and the materials before the construction.

If you choose the self-leveling process, you should also consider the hardness and humidity of the ground, the mixing of floor paint materials should be sufficient, and the uniformity of the ground paint should be maintained in the process of painting.

Self-adjusting construction technology has the advantages of fast construction speed, shortening ground production time and construction cycle, and achieving better surface coating effect.Therefore, this kind of construction technology is also a kind of construction method which is popular at present

Epoxy self-leveling in the workshop, can play a good dustproof performance of the floor, improve the floor hardness and construction effect of the aesthetic degree, from the use of time and maintenance, this construction method makes the use of the floor cycle is longer.

In the process of brushing, it is necessary to ensure that the material smokeless suspension and brush flat, and the corresponding treatment of the surrounding waterproof penetration, so as not to cause water vapor caused by the floor sticking problem, resulting in paint floor layering.

Epoxy mortar can increase the hardness and toughness of floor paint, and do a good job of grinding and other paint thorough drying, before the next process.

Epoxy self-leveling

Different workshops have different requirements for bearings and hardness, chemical corrosion prevention, and static protection.Before the construction to understand the specific requirements of the construction, after the completion of the construction of the ground performance will be more rich.

From the point of view of cost, the more complex the process of selection, the more functions required, the higher the price, but not as long as the material is good, the construction quality must be guaranteed, the construction process and steps can be well controlled, the construction effect can be more in line with expectations, the quality will be better.